Chateau Lestruelle Medoc 2010 (Bordeaux, France)

I love Bordeaux! It’s still among the best wine in the world. Now, I understand that the reputation for Bordeaux is it’s crazy expensive and takes years to age.

That’s true for some of the top Classified Growth Bordeaux (more on Classified Growth Bordeaux in a future post) but here’s a life-changing secret (if you like to drink serious wine at low prices): most Bordeaux wines are very inexpensive and absolutely delicious, and they’re built for everyday drinking upon release.

You may know that (red) Bordeaux has to be made from the grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and/or Malbec. In addition to grape variety, Bordeaux is “ranked” by several classifications of their wines (again, more on that later).

One ranking of wine is the “Cru Bourgeois” status, which Lestruell achieved in 2010. In very simple terms, the Cru Bourgeios designation is an annual designation given to certain Left Bank wines showing high quality. Only 260 wines achieved this status in the 2010 vintage.¬†

Ok, let’s talk about Lestruelle…Immediately upon opening, the dark black and blue fruits mingle with notes of sweet vanilla and spice. The wine has a beautiful color; dark, but with some transparency to it.

On the palate the notes of currants, mint, vanilla spice are prominent with hints of mocha in the background. This is a big, full wine that shows hints of New World fruit and lushness.

Beautiful mouthfeel and richness with supple tannins make for a harmonious finish that lasts a good 45 seconds.  This is a tremendous bargain in Bordeaux. Drink now or hold for another 203 years.

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