Dream 11 Story Close in Karnataka! What’s Next?

The Karnataka Police Act has recently amended its Gaming Law to ban online gambling, betting and betting, and following the recent media coverage, our Karnataka users have expressed deep concern and concern over their safety and security.

So, to alleviate the concerns of our users, we have decided to discontinue operations in Karnataka.

After the government decided to ban all online gambling games in the state of Karnataka in order to curb online gambling, now all the online games supported by gambling have stopped working in Karnataka.

The government last month made a decision to ban online gambling game applications. Similarly, the online gambling bill was passed. In keeping with this, the popular Dream 11 story and MPL companies have denied access to the consumer in Karnataka.

After extensive discussion on legal bans and penalties for online gambling, online gambling game apps have been blocked. The most popular of these are the blockbuster Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League (MPL) online gaming applications.

From now on, Karnataka has restricted access to users in the state, and it is known that it has been enforced too soon because of fears that it will impose hefty fines and imprisonment for lawbreaking gambling companies.

Banning in the state of Karnataka, which is now a virtual currency, digital currency, electronic money, electronic transfer of funds, cash in any form, including cash in Points, MPL and Dream 11 games have also been discontinued.

That is, no person in the state of Karnataka or a person who runs a bank business in the state cannot play MPL and Dream 11 games. Playing the game but not being able to make money in cash.

The MPL and Dream 11 companies stopped their services in Karnataka soon after the official decision of the Karnataka state government.

If you win the Contest Audi money, you will not be able to get the money as per the new rules (as in Tamil Nadu). As such, current account funds can be withdrawn in MPL and Dream 11. You can only withdraw the balance in your account.

All types of games that are betting money are considered online gambling. The Karnataka government has been amended to allow the Karnataka Police Act to take action against those who engage in gambling in any form including direct currency, digital currency, electronic money, electronic transfer of funds and cash in points form.

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