Google banning 3 dangerous apps Delete it immediately!

The shocking news is that these popular apps banned by Google are stealing personal information, including smartphone users’ login information and user payment details.

Google recently banned more than 150 ops, and now has three more apps with three million followers. Google said the removal of these apps would benefit fraudulent users.

Yes, security firm Kaspersky reports that three apps banned from the Google Play Store are stealing users’ personal information and money.

These apps describe users’ personal information being stolen through Facebook logins and accessing bank accounts. So, if you too have these popular thief apps on your smart phone, delete them immediately and be safe.

These are the names of the three thieving ops that Google has banned: * Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor * Blender Photo Editor – Easy Photo Background Editor and * Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021 – are stealing customer information and cheating them.

These apps are banned from the Play Store and users who download these thief apps have to remove them manually from their phones.

The ‘Login with Facebook’ button in many web services and apps allows users to quickly authenticate and use the service without creating a username and password.

It is used by popular services such as Spotify and Tinder. However, according to security firm Kaspersky, these apps are using sign-in data to steal login credentials and access users’ personal information.

These three thief apps, banned from the Google Play Store, are using stupid tactics to separate users with their personal information and their money.

Researchers at security firm Kaspersky have identified the apps, claiming that the Facebook login function has been used to trick users into sharing their information. So, if you give them their Facebook login details, they need to change that.

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