How is technology affecting the society?

Mankind, in general, cannot exist without some form of rudimentary technology. We can capture a rabbit with our bare hands as a species, but we wouldn’t be able to consume it without a cutting instrument due to our weak teeth and jaws.

Technology is essential to our species’ existence. The more advanced the technology, the better our chances of surviving and thriving.

People debate how many people the Earth can support. They overlook the fact that the answer is technologically dependent.

With the technology of a few centuries ago, just a small percentage of our current population could be supported. The technology of clean water supplies and sewage management alone has enormous ramifications.

We could easily support tens of billions of people if the finest current agricultural practises were implemented to all currently cultivated area.

When you add in near-term technologies like “vertical farms” and cloned meat, the earth’s ecosystem has no bounds. It’d be like asking how many houses a city could hold. Answer: as many as you can sustain by building cities.

Of course, with today’s technology, we aren’t restricted to Earth.

As a result, one of the most fundamental effects of technology on society is that it allows it. The more advanced your technology is, the greater the number of people it can support.

If the number of people you can comfortably support exceeds the number of people you have, and your weapons technology advances to the point that combat becomes prohibitively expensive. Peace is promoted through technology.

The winner of a war does not get a lot of money. Peace is a pleasant place to be. Technology advancements are paving the way to increased wealth.

So, in reality, technology’s influence on society is that it permits it. It permits it to flourish and expand. To grow more refined, calm, and just.

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