Joel Taluau St Nicolas de Bourgueil “L’espression” 2013

I’ve professed my love of Loire Cab Franc before and it’s bottles like this that sowed the seeds of my love.  This unoaked wine has wonderful purity and is from “the grandfather of St Nicolas de Bourgueil,” Domaine Joel Talaua, one of the first producers to make estate wines in the AOC.

The wine has a nose of cherries and herbs. On the palate, there was pronounced raspberry, rosemary and pepper with just a touch of cranberry on the finish. There’s great balance and acidity that makes the wine effortless to drink. Bottles of good Cab Franc always go down so easily!

As I do with most red wines, I put this in the fridge for a good 20-30 minutes to bring it to the right temperature, leaving it in a bit longer than other reds because good, unoaked Cab Franc seems to drink better with just a slight chill. 

This is an excellent wine for so many dishes from pizza to burgers to roast chicken, sandwiches, meatloaf, etc.  You almost can’t go wrong with pairing this and at under $15, it’s worth keeping several bottles on hand. 

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