Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Mt Veeder/Napa Valley)

What a terrific wine from one of my favorite California wine producers! This had always been a more traditional producer making long-lived and structured wines that come across very Bordeaux like!

The vineyards for this wine are high on Mount Veeder in the Mayacamas mountain range separating Napa from Sonoma.  It’s a beautiful winery (and a beautiful drive, by the way).  

In general, Napa’s mountain Cabernets show more structure and less overt milk chocolate notes and richness than its neighbors nearer the valley floor. This is a textbook example of mountain fruit. 

The wine is characterized by big structure and black and blue fruit that is deep and pure but not overly-rich. As the wine opens up, secondary notes of tobacco, pencil lead and wet stone emerge. The tannins are noticeable but refined. Again, it reminds me of old Bordeaux as much as anything. It’s just a pleasure to drink!

A couple of years ago, the original owners of Mayacamas sold, and I’ve not had a recent bottling. I hope the style stays the same!  

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