This malware is on more than one billion Android phones!

A recent report says that a malware that is hidden from Google’s eyes poses a threat to the security of over 1 billion Android smartphone users.

If you are an Android user, this is a major warning for you. Researchers from mobile security firm Gymparium have discovered that more than 10 million Android smartphones have security vulnerabilities through a malware called GriftHorse.

The Gimparium research firm noted that GriftHorse malware is distributed through Google Play and third-party app stores, and the malware is installed in the app and users are asked to click on fish links to transfer money to their accounts.

Criminals are tricking smartphone users into subscribing to premium services without their knowledge, researchers said.

Some of these infected apps include popular apps like Handy Translator, Heartrate Pro, Pulse Tracker Geospot, GPS Location Tracker, iCare Location and My Chat Translator.

Gymparium, a member of the App Defense Alliance, has been removed from the Play Store after contacting Google about all GriftHorse infected apps.

However, these apps are still available in third-party App Stores.

According to Zimparium, the malware attack has hit many parts of the world and has affected Indian users as well. As documented in its blog post, malicious apps are acting as trojans for all Android devices.

It has been reported that millions of users in more than 70 countries are targeted by selective malicious payments to users based on the location of their IP addresses in addition to the native language.

The company claims that the success of attacks has been high due to the distribution of these malware in native languages, one of the most “widespread campaigns” the research team has ever seen.

Griffhorse essentially sends sophisticated popups and notifications. Motivate users to make various rewards and special offers. Users who tap these notifications will be redirected to the online page.

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